About us

About the National Program for Educational Excellence

In 2014, Ayb Educational Foundation, in collaboration with Ministry of Education and Science of ArmeniaCambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) and Institute of Education (IoE) at University College London (UCL), embarked on an extensive educational journey to establish the National Program for Educational Excellence (NPEE) and transform school education in Armenia. The program is a public-private partnership, co-funded by the Armenian government and the Ayb Educational Foundation.

The program aims at creating an internationally competitive and academically rigorous alternative educational program (the Araratian Baccalaureate) for Armenian schools and increase the importance and status of the teacher's role in society. For more details see AB Briefing.

NPEE aims to cultivate a community of teachers armed with world’s best practice and skills throughout Armenia. These teachers will play a key role in increasing the competitiveness of the general education system and ensuring long-term development and progress of education across the country. This goal is being pursued through a  program of long-term and comprehensive training of a critical mass of teachers.  These trainings have been designed and delivered in conjunction with Ayb’s international partner organizations. After teachers are trained and certified, they too in turn share this new knowledge and methods with hundreds of other teachers.

As it is implemented, the program will directly serve almost 100 schools and 2,000 teachers throughout Armenia.

About the Ayb Educational Foundation

With its commitment to the development of the country and having numerous other options of investing their time, efforts and funds, the Ayb Educational Foundation aims to shape a culture of excellence in learning and support the development of education in Armenia.  Ayb was founded in 2006 by visionaries who believe that education played a paramount role in their professional and life achievements and who wanted work together to help improve the educational environment in Armenia. Today, Ayb functions as a leading institutional expert in the field of education. 

Over the past ten years, Ayb has implemented various projects in the field of education, such as implementing educational reform programs, and establishing exemplary learning environments to serve as a catalyst for change in the entire educational system of the country. Ayb’s programs are a unique combination of the best of Armenian schooling traditions and contemporary learning technologies. We strive to make Armenia a country that assure students a new, high-quality, internationally competitive Armenian educational platform, recognized for educational excellence internationally.   To this end, Ayb has organized and sponsored a range of educational initiatives, including:

How the Araratian Baccalaureate Began

The Araratian Baccalaureate originated at the Ayb School where teaching and learning traditions from Armenia and around the world have been tested and analyzed to design a new, effective approach to Armenian education.

Ayb School is a new learning environment for enhancing the competitiveness of Armenian education. Ayb School’s mission is to shape a generation of educated and virtuous young people connected to their roots and committed to assuming responsibility for the future of our world.  Ayb strives to become a model of the 21st century Armenian school. 

Ayb School is the key component of the Ayb Learning Hub.  Ayb School has a three-level structure: an elementary school (1-4 grades), middle school (5-9 grades) and high school (10-12 grades).  As of September 2017, over 398 students are enrolled in Ayb School.

The Ayb Learning Hub is expected to achieve a target capacity of 800 students in the comming years.

We view the school as not just an institution for imparting knowledge and skills, but rather more broadly as a community that shapes the next generation, endows them with a sense of purpose, fosters appreciation of heritage, opens their minds to new ideas, and equips them to take on the challenges of the future. Ayb believes learning takes place in and out of the classroom; thus, the Ayb school has many clubs, theater, cinema, exhibition halls, libraries, labs, and gardens to allow student to develop life-long interests in the interconnectedness of learning and doing.  

More on Ayb School here . Our brochure is available here.