Lesson Observations in All Regions in Armenia and Stepanakert

Тhe 103 participants of the Araratian Baccalaureate Teacher Professional Development and Certification Program still continue their training.

They have already completed the main phase of the face-to-face and online learning and have entered the probation phase during which they will teach, testing the knowledge and skills they acquired during the program, conduct a research work. and cooperate with their mentor-advisor.

From January 22 to February 2, the senior expert-trainers of the AB Teacher Professional Development and Certification Program traveled to all regions in Armenia and to Stepanakert to observe the lessons of the 103 program participants in order to see how skillfully and effectively participants were employing the skills and knowledge they had obtained, as well as to guide and assist them in improving their teaching.

“Lesson observations granted the chance to see the program in practice, observe radical shifts in teachers’ mindset, and feel the volume of changes that are taking place before our eyes thanks to the efforts of the program participants. The lesson observations reinforced my confidence in that we are on the right track,” said program expert-trainer Lilit Minasyan.

It should be recalled that the AB Teacher Professional Development and Certification Program is a new teacher development program meeting international standards. It is designed for 10-11 months and comprises theoretical and practical courses. Participation in the program is mandatory for all teachers and specialists wishing to teach the Araratian Baccalaureate.

From the very start of the program to the very end, all participants collect a portfolio, the most important component of which is the practitioner enquiry, which participants conduct during the probation phase. The portfolio serves as the basis for their final assessment and certification.

Participants are expected to present their research works at the end of March, and the ones that successfully complete the program are expected to be certified this June.