The Role of Psychologists in Araratian Baccalaureate Schools

Within the framework of their partnership, on February 27, the Ayb Educational Foundation and the Children of Armenia Fund, held a meeting-seminar for the representatives of 21 Araratian Baccalaureate (AB) candidate schools, which was aimed at raising the role of school psychologists and boosting career counseling activities in schools. The seminar took place in Ayb School, Yerevan.

 Around 40 participants, including school principals, vice-principals, psychologists and teachers, participated in the seminar.

 The meeting was conducted by psychologists and career counseling specialists from Ayb School, the Ayb Educational Foundation, and the Children of Armenia Fund.

 The first part of the seminar focused on the role and functions of the school psychologist, during which Ayb School psychologists presented the main goal of the school psychologist's area of work and shared their experience of working with students of different ages, with their parents and teachers.

 The psychologist from the Children of Armenia Fund presented their practice in expanding the role of the school psychologist.

 In the second part, specialists from the Ayb Foundation and the Children of Armenia Fund presented career counseling activities in schools along with a detailed insight into the areas of work with students, and their practice to this end.

  The partnership between the two foundations will be ongoing. Next up are the practical meetings with psychologists, which are scheduled for spring.